Midnight Baking

The other day at the supermarket my husband asked why I never bought carrots. So I did the only logical thing and grabbed a huge bag of carrots and threw them in the cart. Everyday I opened the fridge wondering what I was going to do with so many damn carrots. Tonight (this morning?) I decided to make some carrot muffins. I only used up about 10 percent of them.

This is the recipe I sort of read but didn’t really follow. Instead of all-purpose flour I used whole wheat, and I used powdered sugar because I didn’t have the regular stuff. I also didn’t have baking soda (at least not usable baking soda) or nutmeg, and I used agave syrup in place of honey, and I definitely did not do the whole separate eggs thing. Oh, and I didn’t feel like grating an orange so I mixed in a little packet of True Lemon.

I am the best baker.

When they were done there was a lot of this…

… because I was too lazy to grease the pan.

Despite all of that, they are really tasty, even my daughter liked them. Er… I mean, no, she was asleep when all of this happened. She’s definitely not awake now, no siree Bob! She’s sound asleep and so am I. Goodnight!





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