What I’m Doing

So lately I’ve been ripping seams. It is so frustrating. It’s not like frogging a crochet project, where you just pull and pull. Sure, you occasionally get your yarn tangled up but it’s nothing compared to ripping those darn seams. Especially if you’ve made some backstitches.

Some time ago, during a crocheting frenzy, I made some purses. I wasn’t very good at sewing (I’m still not great at it), so they sat there unlined for a while. One day I decided any lining was better than none and I searched online for tutorials. Everything was going fine, I even learned how to box the corners.

Cute, right? But terribly lined.

The problem was trying to attach the lining to the purse. I sewed it on by hand; it was not pretty. Still, I finished and every crocheted purse was lined at last. I was triumphant, I thought.

Four years later and the purses haven’t seen the light of day; the lining is just so bad. So here I am, removing the poorly sewn linings. I had to buy a better seam ripper to do the job properly. Actually, any ripper would be better than the one I was using. You can see the horribleness below:

You call that a hem?

I promise to do a better job this time.


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